“Come together, right now” and watch the new Justice League trailer!

I love this trailer. It almost seems like it is promoting a different movie than the first trailer. Any awkward moments or dialogue are gone and it actually feels like it could be really fun. It is possible that this is because of Joss Wheadon’s supposedly extensive reshoots. I don’t know for sure if any of his footage is in it, but that Flash joke at the end seems like it had Wheadon’s signature touch. Either way, this trailer is a good sign for Justice League.

We get some new non-spoiler reveals too. We have a look at the main villain Steppenwolf in Themyscira (1:20), a mention of “Lanterns” (1:34) a reference to the Penguin (1:55), and Alfred speaking to what I assume is Superman (3:44).

What did you think of the trailer? Are you more optimistic about Justice League? Let me know in the comments. Fingers crossed for an Avengers: Infinity War trailer later today!


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