Is Rotten Tomatoes Biased?

If you checked the Justice League Rotten Tomatoes page during the past few days you may have been met with this odd link to a Facebook show that "reveals" the Tomatometer score. This Facebook show features two people that give their opinions of a film and give it a "see it/skip it" rating. It seems the intention … Continue reading Is Rotten Tomatoes Biased?

Thor: The Dark World Review

Gif Review:   Thor returns to go on an adventure that briefly involves a dark world! When Thor ended, the Bifrost bridge was destroyed, separating Thor and Jane. Loki disappeared, though he reappeared in The Avengers which landed him in Asgardian prison. Since then, the Bifrost has been repaired and Thor has been busy restoring peace to the … Continue reading Thor: The Dark World Review

Thoughts on all the False “Rumors” and “Reports” on Films.

BREAKING: Sources say, "LOL JK." In a previous editorial, I wrote a bit about a Hollywood Reporter "insider" that suggested that Ben Affleck would be "ushered" out of the DC films and not even be in the upcoming The Batman. However, at Comic-Con, Affleck dismissed the rumors. The problem here is all of the articles that assumed … Continue reading Thoughts on all the False “Rumors” and “Reports” on Films.